ndOffice "Suggested Locations" when profiling emails guided by Subject line instead of sender of the email


I have a partner asking about when profiling emails, if the “Suggested Locations” could be guided by the subject line, not the sender of the email.  In his words:


“Can ND Save preferences be revised to “suggest locations” based on the Subject Line of the email rather than by the author?  In our world, we don’t file by person, we file by case – and we constantly instruct our teams to make sure the case name is either the first word or one of the first few words in the subject line.”


We would prefer personal customization but would be willing to explore a universal setting.








  • I agree.  Unless your practice has no returning clients (which is highly unlikely), guiding the suggested location by the email address is worthless.  It would be much more functional if the suggested location was guided by the subject line as this would allow firms with clients who have multiple matters to take advantage of this functionality. 

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  • Any update on this?

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