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Unable to add "All Information" to document right-click menu

I had entered this post in the 17.2 Beta Forum several months ago.  I am still having this issue in the current release of 17.2, and thought that I would enter it again into the Customer Forum.  After customizing the document right-click menu to add All Information, it does not appear in the menu of choices when I right-click on a document.  Please see screenshots, below.

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Hi Scott,

Depending on what page you are on or what type of item you are right-clicking on, you may not see certain options in the right-click menu. For example, the "All Information" option will only be visible if you are on a Summary View type page (Workspace Summary View or Home Page).  If you are on a List View page it will not be available since that information is in the doc details pane on the right. In your screenshot you are on your Recent Docs page which is a List View so "All Information" would not be displayed in that case. 

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