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Changes in the last update

Not sure if any of this can be changed, but my users have voiced concerns with the last upgrade. They no longer have the ability to drag and drop documents from one workspace into another using the navigation pane when pinned in place on the left side of the screen.  That was a very useful feature, and it is disappointing that it is no longer available.  Also, they can no longer change the width of the navigation pane so that, when expanded, Recent Matters and Favorite Matters can be seen in entirety. My users don't like the “double spaced” look of the Home Page since not as much is readily visible at a glance, but I’m sure that is just a matter of preference

Status: Completed

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Becky, we will shortly begin beta testing of the ability to drag & drop documents from the List View into the Navigation Pane (whether the pane is pinned or not). This functionality took much more development than would allow us to include in the initial 17.2 release, but we are nearing completion on this development work. We'll make an announcement when the beta software is available for testing.

Valerie Connell
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