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Any improvements to Document History on the horizon?

I've seen some posts on and off since about 2014 about improving the document history, specifically that All Users should be sorted chronologically (otherwise, frankly, what's the point of the All Users option?).  I've seen no indication that this will be implemented by ND.  Can we please have an update on this?  Additionally, my users are requesting the option to resize the History window so that they can see the full entries (one entry per line) instead of the word wrap.  It would make it much easier to read.  Possible?  Thanks!

Status: Planned

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Along with the recent updates to the the UI, we're planning to revamp the Document History dialog to make it much more user friendly and intuitive. We're still working on converting several key pages to the new format, so I don't have a specific timeframe for accomplishing this. This is the primary reason we haven't posted our plans (because we know the first question will be "When will this happen?"). As we get closer to implementing the new functionality, we'll post here in the community.


Valerie Connell
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