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Updating document custom attributes with REST API in C# /RestWorkflow

I am trying to updating specific custom attributes on a document via the API. Here is my code:

string url = "v1/Document/4824-9884-2702/info";
Boolean useXml = false;
RestRequest rr = FormRequest(Method.PUT, url, useXml);
IRestResponse response;
rr.AddParameter("text/json", "{\"customAttributes\":[{\"id\":5,\"value\":\"this is a test\"}]}");

response = ExecuteRequest(rr);
responseStr = response.Content;
status = response.StatusDescription;


I am getting an error "Data was incorrectly formatted. It must be JSON or XML and conform to the C# type." What changes do I need to make to my code? I also tried making the call using the RestWorkshop tool. 


I sent a PUT request to this v1/Document/4824-9884-2702/info and added the following JSON parameter: 



but I get the same error.  How do I update a attribute on a document via code? I tried the API same but also got the same error. Help!



Status: None

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