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Flexible Update Model Change


I just saw the announcement of the new Flexible Update Model. I would like to see an option to be automatically updated without having to contact support or waiting until the forced update date. I like the option to allow organizations that do not want auto updates to occur without them planning them, to wait to schedule their update. However, I would like the option to get updates automaticity and not have to go through support or wait for five months after they are released, especially since the old version will no longer receive bug fixes/patches (except security patches).


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Agree with the above -- we spent a lot of time planning for this upgrade, notifying people of the date (x2), training and testing.  Not to mention new employees we trained on both versions.  We may wait due to go forward with the upgrade.  Concerned about stability of the software and having the "new" upgrade before others have tested.  Having the above would have helped a great deal. 

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