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DocXtools 8.8 printing / saving slowness

Hi, does anyone out there has printing and / or saving slowness issue with Microsystems DocXtools 8.8? 

We upgraded DocXtools 8.8 since July 14 due to TSL 1.0 being disable.  And we are experiencing slowness printing and / or saving from Word.  It takes about anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes (the worst case) from when clicking on the Print button in the Print dialog box, I will see the spinning circle for a period of time, and then the job finally get sent to the printer.  Same related slowness issue with saving.

what I see is when printing or saving, DocXtools 8.8 make an API call to ND (I can see the login flash screen popped up for a second or two when you first launch Word after computer reboot). I have been doing some testing, by removing the DocID and the print job printed right away, re-insert DocID and the slowness come back. 

Status: None

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