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Show which emails have been uploaded through ndSave in Outlook

Would there be a way to show which emails have been uploaded to NetDocuments through ndSave in Outlook?

Our users have requested this to help them keep track of what they have and haven't uploaded from their inbox, as they want to keep a copy of the email in their inbox, but have it marked as filed.

Status: Completed

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As Jennifer says ndOffice has such an indicator called ND location column.

To see it, you have to drag open your view of Outlook from quick view as seen here:


to this view:


These changes are not a part of ND web or the beta, but are in ndOffice 2.0 and 2.1.

Don Lavange
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I'm on the beta so I'm not sure if this is a feature in the new update, but I have a "ND Location" column on my toolbar. So it's possible that it's coming when the update arrives in September!  

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Is there a way for this to appear if the user is using Reading Pane and/or non-compact view?  Could there be a color or icon in the left-hand side to indicate it's saved? 

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