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Ongoing issues with ndOffice and save dialog window focus

Since upgrading to ndOffice 2.1, we have been plagued with constant issues dialog box for documents that are being closed but have not yet been saved. I see it the most in Excel, and particularly when multiple worksheets are open and one has been emailed using the save and send feature, though we are also seeing it randomly whenever multiple windows are open, and a user goes to close one that has not been saved. The dialog box asking of you wish to save or not does not pop to the front, and sometimes can be forced to focus by hovering over the app windows in the task bar, but again, this does not always work, and occasionally we have to force the task to end to get out of the loop.

We are running Office 2010 32-bit (fully patched and up to date) and Windows 7 64-bit (fully patched and up to date).

So far ND support hasn't been able to come up with anything other than suggesting we upgrade to Office 2016 and see of the behavior continues, which is not in the cards at this time.

I have isolated it to ndOffice through a number of tests (if ndOffice is not installed, we don't see this behavior; if it IS installed but the plugin is disabled we don't see this behavior).

Wondering if anyone else has run into this one.


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I just caught wind of this issue from several heavy Excel users.  I saw it in action and saw the same thing with the dialog box hidden.  I was able to get to it by hovering, but then I had to use the keyboard to select the button.  It was a multiple step process just to get the spreadsheet closed. 

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Does anybody know if there is a bug number assigned to this issue?  I'd like to have it for follow-ups.  Our users are becoming highly frustrated with this issue.  Thanks in advance!

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We reported several months ago to support about Excel and Word saving issues and have not had any luck in getting a fix. The issue also exists on 2013/2016 so no point upgrading. We have had the same results in our testing as you, turning off the product fixes it or not having it installed at all.

We have also reproduced the issue on a standard Windows 7 with Office 2013 install, non domain joined pc with just NDoffice installed to rule out anything in our environment causing the problem.

We have logged over 20 calls on save issues, supplied trace logs, provided video evidence of the issues and also provided a dedicated machine for Netdocs engineers to use in our environment to find the issue. Support provided us a custom NDoffice version yesterday with additional tracing to try and find the issue.

Other things to check

  • Word Autosave reliability when NDoffice is installed is random. Many users reporting lost work from crashes and no autosave file avaliable.
  • Documents being created and uploaded with zero k size without user knowledge. If you have NDmirror server configured onsite you can do a SQL query to check for 0k files in your environment to see if the problem exists and how big it   is. Thankfully we had only a few however this should never happen.
  • The save button in Word does not work, hitting it over and over does not save the document, however closing the document and telling NDoffice not to save the document actually saves the document
  • Opening a document, reading it and making no edits then closing the document you are prompted to save
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