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Search specific forums on the Support site


It would be very helpful if we could search specific forums on your support site rather than receiving results from any of the 4 forums with no visual indicator that shows which forum the result is from.  For instance, there are 274 posts in the 17.2 Beta Forum and we have no quick way to just search that forum.  We have to run a search and hope that the title is descriptive enough otherwise we have to open every result to see which forum it’s in.

Status: Completed

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We have added a search box at the top of each Topic (forum) page that will return results from only that forum. Keep in mind also, that within each forum, you can use the "show all:" drop-down to filter by status, to see what has already been completed, or is currently planned. 

Russell Duncan
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I agree this filter is required.

Some more filters/drill downs as available in your actual NetDocuments product would assist in finding information.

In my case, the frustration is when adding an IdeaBank idea, there's no way to easily search across existing ideas first before adding. Consequently, there are a number of duplicates/similar ideas that dilute the vote/popularity of an idea.

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