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Direct administrative user password management

I suggest that NetDocuments allow administrators the right to directly update a password for users vs the process outlined in this article:

Currently the process is described as "an administrator wants to change a user's password, they must use the Need Login Assistance link on the login page and enter the person's email address or their Username." Thinking this an Administrator, I have ND auto login enabled on my machine. To get to a login page as suggested, I have two options: 1) Open another browser application to the login screen and follow the process. 2) Disable my current session’s auto login, logout, enter the user's information etc. then re-authenticate with my credentials. We do not have Federated ID established.

Administratively we need the ability to manage our user profiles directly without a user's involvement. For example, an issue arises and we need to update the user’s access ASAP. An email reset process means the administrator would then require access to the user mailbox to reset the password. Email access is not a default right for DM system admins in many organizations.

Thank you

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