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Ability to check in Documents on iPhone and iPad

Our users REALLY need the ability to check in documents that are checked out on their iPad and iPhone -- currently this not available which is extremely problematic when trying to keep track of documents.  Not sure why there isn't an option for this -- any idea of when this might be possible?  Users love the flexibility of working in the cloud; however, it makes it difficulty if they can only check in documents from a laptop browser and not their iPad and/or iPhone.

Thank you.

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Our plan is to add document features from ndweb to the mobile apps over time, including features Luke check out and check in. I believe this is the first time check in has been requested.

Note that if you use the Office365 integration to edit documents, check out and check in are handled automatically.

I will add your request to the roadmap.

Mark Salamon

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HI Mark -- Yes, we are using Office 365; however, the iPhone seems to be the only one that works most of the time for "Autosave" -- the iPad gets stuck and the documents stay checked out.  And, unless the user e-mails a copy of the document and manually uploads a new version there is no other way to check it in. We have been told by your support department that there is no way to check them in and that is the work around.  Any ideas on why the iPad gets stuck?  We have been able to recreate this numerous times with our attorney and IT Department.

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