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Before-and-After Documentation: Transitioning from EMS Profiler to ndOffice Outlook Plugin

It would be great to have some documentation for end users that compares the way things were done with EMS profiler to the way things are done with the new ndOffice Outlook plugin. 

I've had several users get upset that the toolbar below the ribbon is missing. And that the "Send and File" system looks different: they loved that there were dropdowns in EMS Profiler and are confused by the ndOffice file browser that appears now.

Some "Before and after" style documentation would make it more apparent how this works.

Status: Completed

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Here is a guide for end-users that compares EMS Profiler and ndOffice side by side. It does not delve into the administrator-level configuration options. These may impact some of the differences seen by end users.

Russell Duncan
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