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ndOffice attribute search to mirror web

Hi team,

Currently, in the web interface, if you type part of the key or description in the Workspace search, it will return your result (which is great).

I've had a number of clients ask why ndOffice isn't the same? If they click in a profile attribute in ndOffice, they just want to type part of the description or key and get their result like they can through the Web.

This comes in particularly useful when you're also changing the PMS for the firm and they have legacy matter ID's which are appended to the end of the description. This would allow them to still search for the old matter number while transitioning to learn the new matter numbers.

It is currently logged as Product Backlog Item: 21607 and I've got a few clients who would love this.


Status: Planned

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We've just hit a roadblock with a client whose complex environment could be made much simpler if this functionality was available.  

Currently, the firm crams the client name into the key field, which causes all sorts of headaches when the name changes in the source system.  

We are proposing to change to key only and use the description field as it's supposed to be used, but this issue has prevented that design change.

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