ndOffice 2.9.1 Update Notes


What's New in ndOffice 2.9.1

ndOffice 2.9.1 offers further usability of the new ndOffice Home Tab in the Activity Center, among other improvements and changes. For those using Flexstore, a document's regional storage location is now visible directly within the ndOffice details pane as well as an option to search by regional storage location.

Version 2.9.1 is a GA patch update to 2.9.0. If you're using 2.9.0 and have experienced issues with 2.9.0, we would recommend installing and testing 2.9.1 as it addresses a few issues and may assist in improving your user's workflow. If you have auto-updates enabled, your users will be prompted to install this new patch build after the BETA period has concluded. 

The latest generally available (GA) version 2.9.1 can be downloaded from the ndOffice Product Page and the link for this release is https://apps.netdocuments.com/apps/ndOffice/ndOfficeSetup.zip


Highlighted changes

Action Indicator in Home Tab of Activity Center

Previously when a user clicked on an item in their Home Tab of the ndOffice activity center, there would be no indication that anything was being opened. Now when a document is selected from the Home Tab, an indicator will appear to show that the document is being called and opened.

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Flexstore Location in Details Pane

For those using Flexstore, a Flexstore location field has been added to the ndOffice details pane.


Flexstore Search Field

For those using Flexstore, a field in which a user can search a document's regional storage location has been added to the Advanced Search feature in ndOffice.


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Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue in which items would show continually loading on the Home tab if downloading the Home tab items failed during the refresh process.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 2.9 in which the PinActivityCenterOnStartup registry key was not being honored when set to a false value. Now, when this value is set to false, the Activity Center will not automatically appear upon startup. The orange pin icon from previous versions is no longer present as this registry key should be used instead. 
  • Fixed an issue in which if the registry setting CloseWordDocumentOnConvert was set to true, converting a Word document to a .pdf would cause Word to lock up. As a result, the user would be presented with the error "Please wait until saving is complete, then close the document" and the .pdf would never be uploaded to ndWeb.
  • Fixed an issue in which .msg attachments within emails cannot be saved to ndWeb.

Additional Notes

  • The update of 2.9.1 requires the machine to be rebooted upon finishing the installation. This is new to this version of ndOffice.

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New registry settings

AllowDuplicatesFiling registry


If set to True and duplicates emails are found in locations different from the target location, the filing process will continue as normal. If a duplicate is found in the target location, the user will be notified.

  • True
  • False (Default)

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