NetDocuments + DocuSign Integration



Joint NetDocuments and DocuSign users who utilize the DocuSign eSignature product can now take advantage of the new NetDocuments DocuSign integration. This integration will allow users to send documents for signatures using DocuSign and have the documents automatically uploaded into NetDocuments once signed. This is available with the NetDocuments ORGANIZE solution. Any Organization interested in utilizing this integration should reach out to their NetDocuments Account Manager to enable this feature.


To enable the DocuSign Integration, a user must be a Cabinet Administrator in the cabinet in which they wish to enable the integration. A cabinet administrator will need to log into the NetDocuments admin console, navigate to the Cabinets page and select the appropriate cabinet. Once on the cabinet configuration page, scroll down the the bottom of the page where a check box next to the words Enable DocuSign Integration will be available. Check the box to enable the integration and hit Submit.


How To:

To send a document for a signature using DocuSign, simply select a document and either choose Send to DocuSign by right clicking on the document or navigating to the More menu and click Send to DocuSign.

mceclip0.png            mceclip1.png

A modal will appear detailing the steps of the process, click Continue to start the Send to Signature process in a new tab:


The new screen will allow users to enter recipients who either need to sign or receive a copy of the document. An envelope will be created. Users will also be able to craft their email subject line and email message:


Once submitted, users will be directed to an embedded DocuSign screen that will allow them to choose where on the document the signature should be placed, the date, along with a large array of options:


Once complete, hit Send and the document will be sent to the recipient(s) their designated email. In the document list view, the document will now have a logo next to the name that reads Sent via DocuSign:


Once completed (signed), the new, executed document will show up in the original folder inside of NetDocuments with the word Signed in parentheses.


The original document will no longer have a Send via DocuSign logo next to it and will be linked to the signed document: