End of Life - ndOneClick - Jan 1, 2022


The older integration for non-IE browsers, known as ndOneClick, will be removed from the officially supported NetDocuments product lineup on January 1st, 2022.

Ndoneclick was previously used to enable the opening of documents directly into their native applications on the desktop. ndOneclick was replaced with ndClick a few years ago and has not been encouraged nor widely used during that time.  It was left as an intermediary for the very rare use cases where ndClick wasn't a feasible option. Now that ndClick is fully functional across all our supported browsers, in both virtual and local desktop environments, ndOneClick is being deprecated.

Please be aware that there is no current automated solution for removing ndOneClick from any machine with it installed. Uninstalling can be done via the 'apps and features' option in windows, or by running the ndOneclick installer and choosing to uninstall the application via the installation wizard. 

If you have any questions about ndOneClick, or its replacement ndClick, please search in this knowledge base or use the link in this article to learn more.