Delegate Home Page Access


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Delegate Home Page Access

With this feature, you can delegate access to your Home Page to another user, or someone else can give you access to their Home Page.

To delegate access:

  1. On the Home page, select the Home dropdown menu and then choose Grant Access to your Home Page.


  1. In the dialog, use the search box to find the user and grant access to your Home Page.


NOTE: Select the dropdown menu next to the search box to narrow the search to internal or external users.


  1. Select Update.

By default, the user will have V rights, which means that the user can only view your Home Page.

To grant the user view and edit rights, select a checkbox next to a user name, select the Edit Rights button, and choose the VE option from the dropdown list.


You can also apply rights on the dropdown menu:


With the VE rights, on another user's Home Page, you can:

  • move items within a section or to a different section.
  • select or clear the star next to the document or item.
  • edit, delete, and add section by selecting the Edit Layout option.


To remove the user, select a checkbox next to a user name, and then select the Remove button.

To go to another Home Page, select the Home dropdown menu and then choose Switch to another Home Page.


Then, you will see another user's Home Page:


To return to your Home Page, select Return in the upper-right corner.

Add Items to Another User's Home Page

This feature allows you to add new items to an owner's Home Page if that user has delegated access to you.

To add new items:

  1. Right-click the star icon and select the Shared home page option.


  1. Select one or more sections on another user's Home Page where you want to add that item.


  1. Select Add.

Now, when you switch to the owner's Home Page, you can see the added item.


Add Multiple Items to Home Page

Now, you can add multiple items to a Home Page in one step instead of individually.

To add multiple items in one step, do the following:

  1. From a list view, select more than one item in the list and then right-click the star of one of the selected items.


  1. Select where you want to add these items, either to a Home Page or a delegated Home Page.


  1. Select the section to add the items, and then select the Add button.


Now, the selected items are on another user's Home Page.