New NetDocuments OCR Admin Page


Here, you will learn how to set up the NetDocuments OCR service.

  1. In NetDocuments, go to Repository Administration and then select OCR Dashboard.


  1. On the OCR Setup page, select Configure OCR.


  1.  Turn on the toggle to apply the OCR to the cabinet(s) and then select Next.


  1. In the OCR Settings dialog, turn on the toggle to select which file formats you want to include in the search for files and email attachments.


  1. In the Save Settings section, select the method you want to add the text searchable document back to NetDocuments for the cabinets you have turned on:
    • Select the Save as new version option to create a new version of the document in NetDocuments.
    • Select the Overwrite current version option to replace the current version with the new one.

NOTE: Overwriting the current version will save the original document as a document attachment to the OCR version.

Select the Retain 'Locked' status checkbox if you store documents in NetDocuments and sometimes use the Locked status indicator on documents and want to retain this setting on the new version of the documents saved by NetDocuments OCR.

  1. In the Backlog Scope section, select how far back you want to OCR your documents.

IMPORTANT: Once you select the Update button, you cannot make any changes to the Backlog Scope.

  1. Select the Update button.

In the upper-right corner of the screen, select the Settings Settings_icon.png icon to change the File Formats and Save Settings.