ndLink 2 v1.1 Announcement


We are pleased to announce the General Availability of ndLink 2 v1.1. The list of updates and improvements you can find below.

You can find the download and general information on our ndLink product page.

NOTE: The information in this update and the ndLink help articles are subject to change at any time based on customer feedback.

List of Improvements

  • Uses REST API instead of SOAP:
      • Now stores encrypted sessions in separate hidden files in the Activities folder.
      • Updated OAuth flow.
  • Updated hosts to service regions e.g.: Vault to the US,  EU to UK.
  • Added new service regions:
      • DE and DE-Akamai
      • US-GOV and US-GOV-Akamai
  • Added login with federated identity.
  • Updated service name to NetDocuments.ndLink2Service.
  • Updated send email flow:
      • Using current user email when the email field is not set.
      • Updated dialog accordingly.
  • Updated message when trying to start ndLink activity as service without admin rights.