ndOffice 2.8 Update Notes (Beta)



What's New in ndOffice 2.8

ndOffice 2.8 offers new features to improve productivity and improve your use in the MS Office suite and Adobe Acrobat.  

The latest generally available (GA) version can always be downloaded from the ndOffice Product Page and the permalink for this release will be posted here when it moves from Beta to GA. 

Note: These update notes are in beta and refer to a beta release of ndOffice. As such, they are subject to change or be updated at any time without notice prior to the GA release of ndOffice 2.8. 

Highlighted changes

Support for Visio

We're pleased to announce that ndOffice 2.8 supports MS Visio in the same way it supports MS Word/Excel/PPT. You can now Save and Open Visio documents directly to/from NetDocuments via ndOffice. Additionally, if a Visio document is attached to an outgoing email draft, ndOffice can be used to convert that Visio document into a PDF after sending, just like with any other attachment. 

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Navigation Pane State

ndOffice 2.8 now retains the Navigation Pane state of your cabinets in the Navigation Pane of the Save, Save As, and Open dialog boxes as well as in the ndMail/Outlook navigation pane. This streamlines your workflow and is especially useful if you have access to many cabinets but primarily work in just a few of those cabinets. 

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Rename and Add Version Description on Save

ndOffice 2.8 now provides the option to rename a document, edit the version name, and edit the version description when saving a document as a new version of an existing document in NetDocuments. When users go through this save process now, they will see the following dialog which leaves the File Name, Version name, and Version description fields available and enabled for the user to use, should they so choose. This saves significant effort of going in and renaming/editing these fields after the document has been saved, as was previously the case. 



Additionally, when the user is saving a new document, they will also see the Version Name and Version Description fields available so they can add that metadata on the initial version as well. 


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Language Selection

ndOffice 2.8 now provides a graphical user interface to switch the language of the interface. Previously, in ndOffice 2.7, this selection could only be made via the registry. The same languages supported by ndOffice 2.7 are available - English, French, Spanish, and German. 



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Resizeable windows/dialogs

Users can now resize most ndOffice windows and dialogs to fit their needs. The size the user selects for a given window will also be remembered the next time the user opens that window. This allows users more screen space to get their work done in ndOffice and better accommodates users who tend to work with long workspace, folder, or document names. 

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DLP Support

ndOffice 2.8 now displays the DLP policies applied to a document from within the ndOffice dialogs via the ndOffice details pane. Additionally, any DLP restricted action attempted in ndOffice will be blocked appropriately per the policy that is applied to the document. 

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Details Pane on Save As dialog

When users use the Save As dialog, they now have profile details at their fingertips with the Details Pane open by default. If the user is saving as a new version (shown below) then they cannot change the profile information for the document but if they are saving a new document, they can modify the profile details and/or apply Profile Templates and Security Templates via this pane. 


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Additional improvements

  • Internet Explorer is now no longer needed for ndOffice authentication (which includes ndMail authentication). NOTE: This introduces a new third-party license into NetDocuments to accomplish this - the EO.WebBrowser technology. 
  • When inserting a link of a document version into an email draft, users can now select multiple versions to link into the email. Each version will have its own link section created in the email message body. 
  • The ndOffice installer now revokes the user's token upon uninstalling if the user has not revoked it already via their user settings. This means that after reinstalling, users will always have to log back in and go through the OAuth dialog to Allow ndOffice to access their account. 
  • External Users who only have access to Collabspaces can now see those Collabspaces in the ndOffice navigation panel. 
  • The ndOffice profile lookup dialog now sorts the results when the user selects to sort by "key" or "description" even if they don't press the "Find" button again. 
  • If a user clicks on a document/version in the Activity Center which has been deleted or had its access restricted so that the user cannot see it anymore, the user will now see the message which says "This document no longer exists or you may not have access to it." 
  • When opening a document/version from the Activity Center, if that version is not the latest or the official version then the user is presented with an alert asking if they want to open the latest or official version instead.
  • When emailing a link or a copy of a document from an ndOffice context menu (i.e. right-clicking in the Activity Center or ndMail/Outlook panels), the default name for the attachment/link now follows the default attachment naming convention designated on the cabinet administration page.
  • Optimized the CPU usage in certain cases by ndOffice via changing how we track add-in state changes and by optimizing garbage collection. Users may see noticeable improvement in performance in CPU-limited environments. 
  • Improved add-in load time across MS Office applications. 
  • When a user adds the Save As option in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Visio to the Quick Access Toolbar, that Save As button now launches the ndOffice Save As dialog instead of Word's local save dialog. 
  • Optimized the resolution of ndMail/Outlook panels for high resolution devices. ndMail/Outlook panels now scale appropriately on high resolution devices and when users adjust the scaling of their monitor to something other than the Recommended setting for their Display. It is often the case on high resolution devices that users will set the scaling to something greater than 100%. 

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Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where a Read-Only profile attribute could be edited/changed via the ndOffice Edit Profile option. 
  • Fixed an issue where if an upload/creation of a document via ndOffice was interrupted, an empty "shell" document was left in NetDocuments. We now remove this empty shell document so the user can more clearly see that the document failed to be created properly. This same cleanup also works for empty "shells" that occur when creating/saving an Adobe document. 
  • Fixed an issue where if the user attempted to profile a document with a profile value which was closed on the same day, it would let them. Now we do not let the user profile a document in ndOffice with a profile value that was closed on the day they are attempting to profile the document. This matches the behavior on the web now. 
  • Fixed an issue where printing a document via ndOffice would log as if the user opened the item in the Consolidated Activity Log. It now logs as a Print action specifically. 
  • Fixed an issue when browsing for a location in ndMail (which uses the ndOffice browse dialog) so that Collabspaces are not shown since they cannot be filed to with ndMail. If a user wants to save an email to a Collabspace, the user should save it using the ND Save button or upload it directly to ND. 
  • Fixed an issue where the action to attach a link to an email from the ND Attach button was not logged in the Consolidated Activity Log and the Document History properly. 
  • Fixed an issue when two Excel files are open and the user adds a link from one document to another in an Excel cell, when the user closes the document with the change, the cell reference is changed to point to the ndOffice Echo Backup folder inadvertently. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Created/Imported By column would not display on certain dialogs even though the user had defined it in their column definitions. 
  • Fixed an issue with the sample WordAddIn where it would give an error when displaying the Save As dialog. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain External users using ndOffice could see the membership of an internal group on the Modify Access dialog within the ndOffice interface. 
  • Fixed an issue where the ND Attach option on an email would fail to convert an Excel file to PDF on Send. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Save and Save As dialogs could be opened when a document was downloaded in Protected View (e.g. downloaded from the internet or a web-based email system). The Save and Save As dialogs never worked in these cases but they appeared to. They can no longer be opened unless the user Enables Editing to exit Protected View in Word/Excel/PPT. 
  • Fixed an issue where ndOffice would not start automatically upon login for users in a Citrix XenApp environment (may also impact other multi-user environments). 
  • Fixed an issue in certain cases where if an ndMail user selected Browse (which calls the ndOffice Browse dialog), the Recent Locations section in the Browse dialog would spin and fail to load the user's Recent Locations. 
  • Fixed an issue where editing an attachment in a multi-user environment (e.g. Citrix) would give an error which said "Your documents were note renamed and converted to PDF. Please try again."
  • Fixed an issue with complex Word documents containing tables and certain formatting where Word would hang/freeze if the doc ID stamping was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where a user could not navigate to a workspace which contained certain symbols in the workspace title (e.g.  - . \  _ `  | , etc.)
  • Fixed an issue in certain cases where the ndMail Browse dialog (which is an ndOffice dialog) would display duplicate locations. 
  • Fixed an issue where using Save As on a document which has a profile attribute which is set to "Do Not Copy" would input the value from the former document into the Save As dialog for the new document, thus allowing the user to inadvertently save the new document with the former value in the profile attribute which should not be copied. 
  • Fixed an issue with certain users where the ndOffice Outlook add-in (i.e. ND Save button) was grayed out and could not be used until the user disabled the add-in and re-enabled it. 
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard controls in the lookup dialog where if the user selected a value and pressed "Enter," the value would not be saved into the profile field. We fixed it so the Enter key now adds the selected value from a lookup table into the field on the details pane. 
  • Fixed an issue where if a User A emailed a link via the Activity Center to User B and User B clicked on the Go To link in the email, it would display properly the first time but if User B refreshed the page, it would cause a server error.
  • Fixed an issue with ND Compare in Word which would cause the resulting comparison attachment to not be attached to the document if the name and description were both 1,000 characters long. 
  • Fixed an issue in the ndMail Browse dialog (ndMail calls the ndOffice dialog) where navigating to a location via keyboard controls and pressing the Enter key on that location did not select that location. 
  • Fixed an issue where Adobe Acrobat DC crashes when the user opens the ndOffice Save dialog without ndOffice running on the machine. 

Extensibility API Improvements and Fixes

  • Read-only attributes are now supported in the Extensibility API.
  • Fixed an issue where the Version Description was not passed into the Save As dialog propertly when using the Extensibility API to call the dialog. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Extensibility API which impacted older versions of the Litera integration. 
  • Fixed an issue where if the login is canceled, the login page will fail to display on the next login call via the API. 
  • Fixed an issue where the "Save as new version" checkbox is disabled when InitializeAddInMacro > ShowSaveDialogApiCall is called. 
  • Fixed an issue with the WordAddIn COM object where Error 13 was thrown when updating the docID. 
  • Fixed an issue with Powerpoint and Excel where certain calls would create two instances of the Save window in BigHand and other integrations. 
  • Fixed an issue when the ShowExtendedContainerSelectionDialog method was called where attributes were not passed properly when navigating to the selected cabinet. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Profile Templates drop-down would become disabled if the user selected a template which could not be applied. 

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New registry settings

SecurityTemplatesVisibility registry


The default value is null and is treated as True. When set to False, the Save dialog does not display the Security Template dropdown so that users cannot edit the access of the document while saving. In this state, they can merely save with the default access. Note: They can still modify the access on the document after it has been saved. 

  • True
  • False

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