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Manage your work, where you work. With Tasks from NetDocuments, users can build customized task lists and checklists within workspaces to track team members’ activities and progress from one convenient location.  Furthermore, each user will have a “My Tasks” view which allows them to quickly and easily see all of the tasks assigned to and create by them in a concise list form.

After adopting Tasks, professionals will have a clear view into a matter’s status by easily visualizing which steps have been completed, and which are missing—helping your teams spend less time ‘following up’ and more time producing. 

Product Information and Announcements

User Information

Tasks Overview

Enable Tasks

After you have purchased the PLAN solution, a Task option will appear in the Customize Workspace dialog box.

To enable the Tasks in a workspace, navigate to any workspace, and select the chevron icon next to the workspace name:


Select Customize Workspace, and then select the Tasks check box. Save your changes, and the Tasks tab will appear.


Task Board

A Task board is the larger container that holds both task lists and tasks. Each workspace can host multiple task boards relating to different projects:


Task List

A task list holds tasks grouped by a certain status or theme:



A task is the individual work unit. You can add a task to a task list, assign a task to another user, and make changes to it:


Checklist Item

Checklist item is the small executable item that can be completed within a task: