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ndClick 1.4

ndClick 1.4 introduces new advanced authentication functionality, ensuring that documents are securely transferred from the web to your computer. ndClick now requires a user to log in before documents can be transferred. ndClick 1.4 is required for use of Browser Extension 1.4 (see below)

When ndClick 1.4 is installed, users may right-click on the ndClick icon  in the system tray to display the following menu:


The Settings menu includes options to change the service region, establish proxy settings, and enable/disable extended support logging:


Select the service with which you wish to connect and click OK. From the right-click menu, choose Log in to open the login dialog:


The new login and authentication will ensure that documents transferred via ndClick will be securely handed off to the correct user.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users must be logged in to the same NetDocuments service with the same user account in both ndOffice and ndClick.  If they are not logged in as the same user (or are not logged in to ndOffice), they will see the following message:


Browser Extension 1.4

The NetDocuments Browser Extension 1.4 beta requires users to log in to the NetDocuments service. Additionally, Browser Extension 1.4 requires ndClick 1.4 to be installed (to properly transfer documents between NetDocuments and other websites). After installing the Browser Extension 1.4 beta, click on the ND (Beta) icon at the top right of the browser.

PLEASE NOTE: The following dialog is displayed in the beta version, but the User Interface will be changed prior to releasing the final version:


When the Login link is clicked, the NetDocuments web login form is displayed:


The new authentication process will ensure that documents transferred via ndClick will be securely handed off to the correct user.

Once logged in, the user’s name will be displayed on the menu:


Note: The information in this update and the ndClick help are subject to change at any time based on customer feedback.

For more information about ndClick and to download the released software, see the ndClick  article.

To participate in the ndClick 1.4 and Browser Extension 1.4 beta program, please contact ndClickBeta@netdocuments.com


Support and Feedback

Please contact us with comments, questions, suggestions, and report issues.

Submit a request via our support site or call the closest customer support center:

  • US customers, call 801-226-6882 or 866-NET DOCS (638-3627)
  • EU customers, call +44(0) 2034.55677
  • AU customers, call +61 2 8310 4319

When reporting an issue, please provide as much information as possible including:

  • A fully detailed description of the issue, including exact error messages or screenshots. 
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Error logs, if any.

We thank you for all of your input and feedback, and we appreciate you using NetDocuments and associated product features. We value you as a customer. 

The NetDocuments Team




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