How to Use SmartView's Margin Notes


NOTE: Margin Notes is a feature of the PLAN Solution

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User Topics

Manage Versions

With SmartView, you can:

  • Define the official version
  • Add a version
  • Save a document as a new version or subversion
  • Import/upload a new version
  • Compare versions
  • Lock a version
  • Delete a version

See Create Versions Manually and Automatically for more information.

Use Margin Notes

Margin Notes allow users to collaborate on a document while previewing it without changing the underlying text or editing the current version. Having conversations, highlighting, creating and replying to comments on the text are all possible using Margin Notes.


Future versions of margin notes will include

  • comment linking where users will be able to link to a margin note
  • @mentions to notify users of a comment or section of a documents
  • Tagging
  • Margin note context in side panel view where users will be able to see a part of the text to which to the margin note belongs without having to open the full view   

Create a Margin Note


A commenting modal will appear to choose a color and create a comment:


Simply type in your comment and click the paper plan icon to create the comment.

The comment will automatically appear on the side panel alongside other notes (if they have been created):


Reply to a Margin Note

To reply to a margin note, navigate to the margin note and click on the note to expand the note:


Type your reply in the text box with the Leave a reply… instructions and click the paper airplane icon to save your reply.

Locate a Margin Note

To locate a note, click on the number of the Margin Note and you will be automatically taken to the corresponding place.

Edit and Delete a Margin Note

To edit or delete a Margin Note, hover over the note and click the ellipsis that appears:


From here you can edit or delete a margin note:


Complete a Margin Note

If the margin note has been completed, or no longer needs to show in the side navigation panel, a user can simply complete the notes which will hide the margin note from users and remove the note marking on the text:


Show Completed Margin Notes

Completed notes can be shown by selecting the Show Completed check box above margin notes: