Data Loss Prevention Update Notes


NetDocuments Secure – Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the first element of the NetDocuments Secure product to be released. DLP guards against malicious or accidental misuse of your information by authorized users of your repository. 

DLP Apply policies to protect your information at the cabinet, attribute, and document levels. The DLP engine checks the policies and overrides cabinet level in favor of attribute or individual document level policies, improving the way you secure information to prevent it’s deliberate or accidental leakage. See DLP One-Pager.

DLP provides a flexible solution to protecting your information. DLP policies can be set via a document classification or direct assignment of policy at one or all of the Cabinet, Profile Attribute or Document levels. Full documentation is available here: Data Loss PreventionHow to setup DLP?


ndOffice 2.7 (also part of this release) is required for DLP to work with ndOffice.

Known Issues:

  • Multiple Value Profile Attributes – There is an issue with the assignment of DLP policies against Multiple Value Profile Attributes. The fix will work in the same way as ACL’s or other values assigned to Multiple Value Profile Attributes. There is no loss of policy integrity or potential for data leakage. The fix is being tested and release notes will be updated when it is deployed
  • DLP Policy when the document is copied – If the ability to apply policy at the document level is enabled, and policy is manually assigned at the document level and the document is copied, the DLP policy does not travel with the document. To continue enforcing the policy, the user will have to manually set the policy at the new destination location. Note: The ability for users with Administrative rights to a document to set document level policy is not a default setting and needs to be explicitly enabled.
  • ndOffice 2.7 – The information pane in the ndOpen and ndSave features only displays the first DLP policy set on the document. The Web interface can be used to check if DLP policies have been set at all 3 possible levels (Cabinet, Profile, and Document)