ndOffice 2.7 Update Notes


ndOffice 2.7 contains significant changes designed to improve productivity. Details of the new features and a description of product improvements are included below:

New Features

Modify Access available from the Save As dialog box and Activity Center

You can now modify the access to a document in the Activity Center or when saving the document. 

From the Activity Center, the option is available when right-clicking a document:

Activity Center

From ndSave, the option is available on the Security Templates drop-down list:


After selecting Modify Access, the following dialog box appears:

Modify Access

You can then select users or groups, and assign them access rights. For additional information on assigning rights, see Modify the Access List

Details pane available in the ndOpen dialog box

ndOffice 2.7 provides additional information about documents in NetDocuments. The new Details pane in ndOffice, which is modeled after the Details pane of NetDocuments, appears when you select a document in the ndOpen dialog box:


Prior to opening a document, you can view the full details of the document, including profile attributes, versions, and DLP policies:

Details Pane

Support for German, French, and Spanish languages 

All dialog boxes and menu options in ndOffice 2.7 are now available in English, German, French, and Spanish:

ndOffice English   ndOffice German   ndOffice French   ndOffice Spanish

To change the language of ndOffice, apply the following registry setting and restart ndOffice: 

Location String Data



EN (English)
DE (German)
FR (French)
ES (Spanish)


Support for sub-versions

When saving a new version to NetDocuments, if the subversion feature has been enabled in the selected cabinet, users will be prompted to save the version as a full version (default) or a sub-version.


Quick list of Recent Documents when attaching to an email

When attaching a document to an email in Outlook 2016, the ndAttach button now has an option to quickly select a Recent Document. To display the Recent Documents list, click the down arrow associated with the ndAttach button. To select a document that is not in the Recent Documents list, click the full ndAttach button. 

ndAttach1   ndAttach2

Product Improvements

  • Cabinet Inbox limited to Cabinet Administrators: The Cabinet Inbox will only appear for Cabinet Administrators. Other users will not be able to open documents from or save items to the Cabinet Inbox. This feature aligns ndOffice with the NetDocuments web functionality
  • Prompt on document save if document has missing required profile data: After selecting Save, you will be prompted to complete the profile of any document with required profile fields that have not been completed
  • Warning if the version attached to an email is not the latest: When attaching a document to an email, you are notified if the selected version is not the latest version of the document
  • Support of Fast Web View optimizations when saving PDF documents with Adobe: ndOffice now supports the Fast Web View options when saving Adobe PDF documents
  • Prohibit upload of zero-byte files: ndOffice will prohibit you from uploading zero-byte files, providing a warning that the file contains no data
  • Leave Office open when converting files to PDF: A new registry setting will allow Word to remain open after converting a file to PDF (see below)
  • Warning about documents left checked out now can be disabled: A new registry setting will suppress the warning if a document is left checked out (see below)

Key and Definition







False (Default)




True (Default)


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