2020 API Changes


Additions or modifications in API 2020:

7 April 2020

Method parameter

  • Both the GET and POST /v2/Search REST call supports the searchas parameter.
9 March 2020

Developer Portal

  • The DE Region is now an option when creating a Dev Portal application. (In preparation for the scheduled April release of the DE service)
27 February 2020

Method parameter

  • The PUT /v1/Group/{id}/info REST call supports the TopAttributeGroupKey parameter.
13 February 2020

SameSite Cookie Support

Chrome 80 SameSite Attribute – API Application iFrame Support

  • Applications not compliant with Chrome 80 "SameSite=None; secure" will not be able to authenticate.
  • REST API applications which use Chrome 66 or earlier embedded browser for OAuth2 will need to be updated to support Chrome 80 "SameSite=None".

15 January 2020

Method parameter

  • The POST /v2/Cabinet/{cabinetid}/group/external REST call supports an optional topwsattributegroupkey parameter, which can be used only in CollabSpace-enabled cabinets.

Response impact

  • The GET /v1/Group/{id}/info call will return a topWsAttributeGroupKey value in the response if the group is associated with a top-level workspace attribute.
  • If a user is external to a cabinet that has CollabSpaces enabled, the GET /v2/user/membership call will return additional information for that cabinet: IsExternalHasAccessToWorkspaces: true|false.