ndMail 1.7 Update Notes


What's New in ndMail 1.7

ndMail 1.7 introduces key features and improvements to boost the efficiency of filing email messages. With Conversation Mode enabled, ndMail moves from one-click filing to no-click filing for replies and forwards in the same conversation. File the first message of a conversation and the rest of that conversation will be filed automatically. For a complete list of additional features and improvements, see the list below. 

The latest generally available (GA) version can always be downloaded from the ndMail product page and the permalink to 1.7.0 can be found here: https://apps.netdocuments.com/apps/ndMail/ndMailSetup-1.7.0.zip

NOTE: Folder Mapping changes require the Folder Mapping version included with ndMail 1.7.0 (Folder Mapping version 1.0.7265).

Highlighted changes

Conversation Filing

This feature improves filing efficiency by automatically filing items in a conversation after one message in the conversation is filed. This functionality is sometimes referred to as "luggage tags" and the NetDocuments predictive filing approach solves the same problem as legacy luggage tagging. This feature is optional. To enable it, in the upper-right corner of the ndMail predictions panel, select the Settings mceclip0.png button, and select the Conversation filing check box.


Administrators can also enable this feature via a registry setting.

With Conversation filing enabled, ndMail will automatically pre-select the same NetDocuments location where previous messages in the same conversation were filed. 

Best Practice Note: Conversation filing automatically selects a filing location without any user interaction and, as such, we recommend it for power users or users who are trained on its functionality.

If one-click filing is disabled, then the selected item will only be filed after you confirm the pre-selection by clicking the File button.

If one-click filing is enabled, then the action of moving away from the active message will automatically file the message to the pre-selected location without any intervention (effectively no-click filing). Generally, in our user research, we discovered that most users who use conversation filing will also want one-click filing enabled to automatically file messages without any interaction. 



The screenshot above shows a new indicator for the cabinet tabs when a location is pre-selected by conversation filing. This new indicator is an outlined checkmark (previously we introduced dark-filled checkmark). The outlined checkmark indicates that the filing location is pre-selected automatically while the dark-filled checkmark indicates that the item is successfully filed and indexed in NetDocuments. See the two screenshots below for reference. 

Pre-selected for filing (for example, auto-selected by conversation filing)



Filed and indexed in NetDocuments (note an additional checkmark on folder/filter/workspace icon)



When replying or forwarding a message, the location is automatically pre-selected. ndMail pre-selects the location if any messages in the conversation were filed by another NetDocuments user at your organization. 


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Improved UI for Access

In conjunction with conversation filing, we ensure your sensitive email remains private even when automatically filing items. We improved the Access feature so you do not need any additional clicks to view the access.

Set access now appears on the ndMail predictions panel. The screenshot below shows that Participants have access to the message. 


If multiple access options are selected, the first letter of each access level will appear:

  • D – Default
  • M – Me
  • P – Participants

The screenshot below shows a combination of all three access levels. 


If you set limited access on one message in a conversation, ndMail will maintain that access level for the rest of the messages in that conversation. We default the conversation to the most strict access level that has been set on any message. 

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Clean Mappings

This is an advanced feature in Folder Mapping that can help when troubleshooting issues or cleaning up old mapped folders. To access this feature, go to the ndMail tab > More > Folder Mapping Settings > Advanced > Clean Mappings. The process will run and will identify the following common scenarios if they exist among the user's mapped folders: 

  • If your settings are set to append "(nd)" or some other value at the end of mapped folders' names, the Clean Mappings function will identify if any of the mapped folders have had that suffix removed or modified so you can add it back, if desired. 
  • If any unmapped folder has the "(nd)" suffix after it, the Clean Mappings function will identify it for you so you can fix it, if desired. 
  • If the user has permanently deleted an Outlook folder that was previously mapped, Clean Mappings will identify it so you can remove/repair the mapping. 

When the Clean Mappings action is run, users will be presented with the following dialog: 


Each row in the table corresponds to one Outlook folder where one of the above issues was identified. You can choose to go fix those issues or remove the row from this table if you do not want to fix the issue and don't want it identified as an issue in the future. 

NOTE: This feature requires the Folder Mapping version included with ndMail 1.7.0 (Folder Mapping version 1.0.7265)

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 Additional Improvements

  • Optimized event handlers to improve memory usage
  • Updated Redemption Library (5.21)

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the spell checker would prompt you twice when a spelling error was found in the body of the message (before the prompt to file and again after the prompt to file when sending)
  • Fixed an issue where users had to press the voting button twice if prompt-to-file was enabled. It now only prompts the user to file the item if they have chosed to Edit the message before sending. If they are just voting then it will not prompt them. 
  • The Help link in the ndMail tab (for Folder Mapping) now takes the user to support.netdocuments.com where they can open a support ticket or find additional help information. 

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New Registry Settings for ndMail Predictive Filing

Registry Path:





ConversationFiling registry


This value has no default state (the feature is disabled). True enables the conversation filing feature. False disables conversation filing. If no value data is present or if the value itself does not exist then the default behavior is to disable conversation filing. The value in HKCU prevails for this feature if there is a difference between HKLM and HKCU values. 

  • True
  • False


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New Registry Settings for ndMail Folder Mapping

Registry Path:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetDocuments\ndMail\Folder Mapping


Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NetDocuments\ndMail\Folder Mapping


AutoResync registry


This value has no default state (the feature is disabled as if it were set to 0). This registry setting provides a way to automatically force a re-sync of all of a user's mapped folders upon Outlook startup. A value of 0 is the default setting and will not automatically resync emails when the user starts Outlook. A value of 1 will automatically resync all emails that have not been copied previously in all of the user's mapped folders upon Outlook start and will reset the value to 0 after that startup. A value of 2 will resync all emails in all of the user's mapped folders upon Outlook start and will reset the value to 0 after that startup. A value of 3 will automatically resync all emails that have not been copied previously in all of the user's mapped folders upon Outlook start but will keep the value set to after that start so that it resyncs on every Outlook startup (instead of just one startup). A value of 4 will prompt the user upon Outlook startup to resync all of their mapped folders but will give them the option to sync all items or just sync items that were not previously copied to NetDocuments and then it will reset the value back to 0.

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

FolderCustomIcon registry


This registry setting allows you to specify whether custom folder icons are loaded in Outlook or standard Outlook icons are loaded/used. Custom folder icons can slow down Outlook startup in some environments so with this release we do not load custom folder icons by default. If you wish to continue to show custom folder icons in Outlook for your users' mapped folders, set this value to True. The default is no value which behaves the same as False and will not load custom folder icons. 

NOTE: This registry setting is only available in HKCU.

  • True
  • False

Known Issue

In certain scenarios, Outlook will prompt the end-user to save the invite prior to being able to forward. The anticipated fix is scheduled for ndMail 1.8.