What's New in ndOffice 2.6



ndOffice 2.6 includes the following new functionality and improvements:

New Functionality

  • CollabSpaces: ndOffice 2.6 provides support for CollabSpaces
  • Hide Computer option: Administrators can now remove the Computer option from ndOffice dialogs (see below for registry setting)
  • Increased Character Limits: ndOffice 2.6 supports the new limits for document names, folder names, and profile attribute descriptions

Product Improvements

  • Performance: ndOffice 2.6 has improved performance in the following areas:
    • Add-in load time
    • Navigation tree (ndOpen and ndSave)
    • Activity Center

Administrative Features

  • Hide Computer option: Administrators can now remove the Computer option from ndOffice dialogs (see below for registry setting)
  • Database encryption: ndOffice no longer defaults to encrypting the ndOffice database, which improves performance. Administrators may change this option (see below for registry setting)
  • Export database: ndOffice now offers an option to export a security-friendly version of the ndOffice database for troubleshooting purposes (found on Settings > Help > Export DB)

Key and Definition







True (Show)
False (Hide)




True (Do not encrypt)
False (Encrypt)

Resolved Issues

  • Converting Documents: Resolved issue where saving documents that were converted from .doc to .docx generated an error
  • Document Status Alert: Resolved issue where the incorrect date and time was displayed on the alert for a document checked out to another person
  • Email Outbox: Resolved issue where items remained in the outbox if sent from Word while Outlook was closed, or when using Delayed Send
  • Email Sent Items: Resolved issue where the ndLocation column was not displayed on sent items
  • Email 0 byte files: Resolved issue where a 0 byte file was retained when a user saved to a location where they had no access
  • List View: Resolved issue where custom profile attributes were not displayed on list views in ndOpen and ndSave
  • Lookup Dialog: Resolved issue where an error was shown while performing a “Contains” search in the Lookup dialog
  • Navigation Pane: Resolved issue where the Nav Pane was scrolled to the right when displaying long workspace names
  • Offline Warning: Resolved issue where the offline warning would not be removed when connection was restored
  • Outlook Panels: Resolved issue where search criteria could not be entered from the keyboard
  • Outlook Panels: Resolved issue where the email-related buttons (Reply, Reply All and Forward) would not work properly in Outlook Panels
  • VPN: Resolved issue where ndOffice was unable to detect a VPN connection until restarted

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