ndSync for Windows 2.3.5 is now in Beta



Announcing ndSync for Windows 2.3.5 Beta 1 Availability

ndSync for Windows, version 2.3.5 (2950) Beta 1 is now available and ready for testing. If you would like to participate in the beta test, send a list of email addresses to be included in current and future ndSync beta tests to ndsyncbeta@netdocuments.com.  We will respond with instructions to download the software and how to provide feedback.

Version 2.3.5 consists of a few new features, several bug fixes and code refactoring.

Support for 1,000 Character Document and Folder Name

The primary enhancement in v2.3.5 is support for document and folder names of up to 1,000 characters.  Because Windows does not support such long names, the names of synced documents and folders will be displayed with the same length as in previous versions of ndSync.  However, a new ndSync "Rename" action has been added:


When this action is selected, the full name of the selected document or folder as stored in the web will be displayed and the user will have the ability to rename the document or folder up to 1,000 characters and the updated name will be reflected in the web, but the locally synced copy may show a shorter name:


Also, the ability to use the native Windows "Rename" action will be restricted if renaming will result in the loss of any characters in the full document or folder name stored in the web.

Other Enhancements

v2.3.5 includes these other key changes:

  • A bug has been fixed that interfered with ndSync being uninstalled.
  • When ndSync is uninstalled, the ndSync log files are purged.

Please note: By downloading and installing the beta candidate, you acknowledge that this is pre-release, beta software that has not been released to production and may be further modified before it is released to production.  NetDocuments makes no warranties that the beta candidate is free from bugs.  Exercise appropriate judgment when using this software on any documents that have been generated in the course of your firm’s business.  Please ensure that anyone with whom you share this beta candidate is aware of this acknowledgement before installing the software.

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