SmartView Document Previewer is Available for Beta Testing


NetDocuments new document previewer technology -- SmartView -- is available for beta testing starting October 24. SmartView provides a rich, high-fidelity viewing experience specifically designed for extended reading sessions, quick navigation and searching through a document, and much more.

How to Access SmartView Beta

By default, the current document previewer will be enabled in every cabinet.  But it is possible to enable SmartView for any cabinet with a "Previewer" setting in the "Other" section at the bottom of the Cabinet Administration page:


Simply toggle the value from "Legacy" to "New (beta)" and save the changes to the Cabinet Administration page.  After that, all of the documents in that cabinet will be previewed using SmartView, whether previewed from inside the NetDocuments web interface, in secured links or anywhere NetDocuments generates a preview of a document.  To revert to the current document previewer, simply set the value back to "Legacy".

Here is a side-by-side comparison showing the legacy previewer on the left and SmartView on the right:  mceclip1.png

SmartView includes the features like search, navigate, zoom, page breaks, in addition to higher fidelity and improved performance.  SmartView also supports previewing Apple Numbers, Keynote and Pages.

Beta Testing Guidelines

SmartView is currently in beta.  Therefore, it is recommended that SmartView be enabled only in test cabinets, not production cabinets.  We encourage you to test SmartView with many different types of files commonly stored in your repository.  In particular, please test SmartView using documents that contain non-Latin characters.  Please send any feedback to  

Known Issues 

Below are the known issues related to SmartView and differences from the legacy document previewer:

  • Some caching has not been enabled for SmartView previews.
  • Certain file types supported by the legacy previewer are not yet supported by SmartView, including: .dwg and .dfx.