NetDocuments OCR 2.10 Release


What’s New in NetDocuments OCR 2.10

Exportable Reports & Regular Summary Email Notifications

With NetDocuments OCR 2.10 release, you can now export processing reports (in CSV format) from the NetDocuments OCR Portal. They are available for Completed documents, documents that are Exceptions or that are Deferred (those that will automatically retry to save, due to the source document being checked out). These reports are collated on a weekly (7 days) basis for Completed and Exceptions, and daily for Deferred Save documents.

See also the announcement at DocsCorp.

Note: The Completed report includes all documents that have been completed and those that have been exceptioned. This report can be quite large as it reflects all documents completed in the last 7 days. The Exceptions report is a more targeted report only showing documents that were exceptions.

Additionally, this 2.10 release allows you to configure regular summary email notifications about the readiness of these exportable reports. The email notifications will indicate the reporting period and number of documents that are referenced in the report for that period. A link will take you to the NetDocuments OCR portal for download.

Exported Reports

To access your reports, sign into the NetDocuments OCR Portal > Reports > Exported Reports.


Reports will be available for daily and weekly periods starting from the 2.10 deployment date. Historical reports will generate and will be available over the coming months.

The report content is in .CSV format. It can be loaded into Excel for further analysis and searching. In Excel, you can filter them or sort by the state such as Completed or Exceptions, as well as view reason codes for unsupported documents, or documents that have been exceptioned.

Below is an example of report content in Excel:


Configure Email Notifications During Service Creation Wizard (for New Customers)

On the Notification tab of the Setup New Service wizard, select the options for emails:

  • Notify me when Completed Documents weekly report is available
  • Notify me when Deferred (Saved) Documents daily report is available
  • Notify me when Exceptions weekly report is available


Configure Email Notifications for Your Existing Service (for Existing Customers)

If you are an existing customer, your service is already configured. By default, the email notifications are not enabled.

Note: The downloadable reports are created automatically without any action needed. It is only the email notifications that are disabled by default.

To enable the email notifications, sign in to NetDocuments OCR > Service Configuration. In the Notification Configuration section, turn on the toggle near the following options:

  • Notify me when Completed Documents weekly report is available
  • Notify me when Deferred (Save) Documents daily report is available
  • Notify me when Exceptions weekly report is available


Receiving Email Notifications

Emails are sent to the notification email address configured for the service.

Each email provides the following information:

  • Schedule - For example, if the report is Weekly or Daily
  • Reporting Period - For example, July 08, 2019 to July 14, 2019 UTC
  • Number of Documents - For example, 3 400 items
  • Download Report button - Takes you to the NetDocuments OCR portal where you might need to sign in.

Note: When signing in, you must use your NetDocuments OCR user credentials, not your personal credentials.

Below is an example of Completed Documents email notification (weekly):


Below is an example of Exception documents email notification (weekly):


Below is an example of Deferred documents email notification (daily):