ndClick Release Notes



ndClick 1.3
Feb 2020

New Features

  • Multi-user environments: ndClick 1.3 now supports multi-user environments (Citrix, RDS, etc.) when used in conjunction with ndOffice 2.6 in Chrome or Edge. 

Product Improvements

  • Email Copy: ndClick now applies the cabinet-level attachment naming pattern in RDS environments
  • Resiliency: ndClick 1.3 Resolved issue where ndClick randomly stopped working

Issues Addressed

  • Email Attachment: Resolved issue where emailing a document attachment in Chrome or Edge would generate an error
  • Lock computer: Resolved issue where ndClick would stop working after locking the computer
  • Renamed Document: Resolved issue where renaming a document on the web would cause ndClick to open the echoed document instead of the updated one
  • Use in multiple locations: Resolved issue where conflicts could occur if the user was logged on to multiple computers (ex: home computer and work computer)

Download Links

ndClick 1.3 for Windows
ndClick 1.1 for Mac

Find known issues here.

ndClick 1.2
July 2019

New Features

  • Desktop Email Integration: Read and write useMapi registry setting
  • Echo Location and Retention: Read settings in ND and set in registry
  • Attachment Naming: Respect Cabinet Administration setting when
    sending email attachments


ndClick 1.1 
May 2019

New Features

  • NetDocuments Chrome Extension

Product Improvements

  • Automatically get new authentication token after expiration

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issues associated with Windows build 1803

ndClick 1.0 
December 2018

Initial Release

  • Check In
  • Check in as new version
  • Create new document
  • Download
  • Download & open attachments
  • Document List
  • Echo
  • Move document (import)
  • Open document
  • Print document

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