2019 ndOffice Updates




ndOffice 2.5.2
July 2019 
Optional Update

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue where ndAttach or ndOpen button could cause ndOffice to freeze
  • Resolved issue where Adobe crashes when using the Fill and Sign functionality*

* Fix for Adobe update which broke the previous fix.

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ndOffice 2.5.2

ndOffice 2.5.1
June 2019 
Optional Update

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue where saving a new document version with pdfDocs generated an error
  • Resolved issue where Adobe Acrobat DC crashes when closing multiple tabs
  • Resolved issue where Adobe crashes when using the Fill and Sign functionality*
  • Resolved issue where saving a PDF could generate an error regarding missing profile fields

* Adobe released an update which subsequently broke this fix.

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ndOffice 2.5.1

ndOffice 2.5 
April 2019

User Features

  • Support for Locked Documents

Administrative Features

  • New Registry Keys to Improve Outlook Loading

Product Improvements

  • Enhanced Document Functionality
    • Search Subfolders
    • Sort Columns
    • Respect the Do not copy Flag
    • Additional Security Templates
  • Enhanced Email Functionality
    • ndAttach when Forwarding Meetings
    • Display Email-Related Columns
    • Email Options in Activity Center
    • Print .eml Files

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue where attempting to save documents and emails would generate an error due to a conflict.
  • Resolved issue where Adobe Acrobat 2019 closed before completely saving to ND, generating an error.
  • Resolved issue where saving a PDF locally prevented the document from checking in to ND.
  • Resolved issue where the List View incorrectly indicated that there were more documents.
  • Resolved issue where saving documents in offline mode could display an error.
  • Resolved issue where a user with more than one Exchange account could not Send and File when forwarding an email.
  • Resolved issue where filing an email into ND with a long note attribute failed.
  • Resolved an issue where emails with many recipients could not be saved in ND.
  • Resolved an issue where selecting a closed matter without first selecting the client would display an error.

Download Links

ndOfficeSetup.msi (msi version)
ndOfficeSetup.exe (bootstrapper)
ndOfficeSetup-2.5.0.zip (both distributions)

ndOffice 2.4
January 2019

User Features

  • Version Naming
  • Search Version Names
  • Default Profile Template

Administrative Features

  • Top-level Folders
  • Background Saving

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved issue where Multi-Value Profile values could be added twice in some circumstances
  • Resolved issue where the Adobe save dialog took a long time to display files
  • Resolved issue where using the symbol "{" prevented search execution
  • Resolved issue where slashes could cause search failures 
  • Resolved issue where a workspace name isn’t updated when key/description are changed
  • Resolved issue where the refresh token was prematurely revoked
  • Resolved issue where the address bar showed a different container than the one selected
  • Resolved issue where an error could appear when the user clicked “Save” in offline mode
  • Resolved issue where the “ND Save” button was grayed when starting from a location other than the inbox
  • Resolved issue where a space before an email name prevented saving in Outlook
  • Resolved issue where “Send and File” failed when using “Send and Copy”
  • Resolved issue where saving many emails at the same time could fail
  • Resolved issue where Mimecast interfered with large file sending in email
  • Resolved issue that could cause Word to display an error on first open
  • Resolved issue where ndOffice could go offline if it was undocked





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