Open beta for ndClick 1.1



We're pleased to announce the open beta period for ndClick 1.1.

The following enhancements are included in this beta version:

  • NetDocuments Chrome Extension: Allow users to upload documents from NetDocuments to web sites (see additional details below)
  • Windows Issues: Resolve issues associated with Windows build 1803
  • Authentication Token: Allow ndClick to seamlessly get a new token after expiration

The following enhancements are not in the current beta version, but will be included in upcoming beta versions:

  • Desktop Email Integration: Read registry setting instead of user's web setting
  • Echo Location and Retention: Read settings in ND and set in registry

NetDocuments Chrome Extension

The NetDocuments Chrome Extension leverages ndClick 1.1 and ndOffice to allow users to connect their preferred web sites to NetDocuments. This allows users to easily upload documents from NetDocuments to other web sites. The extension includes the ability to convert Word documents to PDFs (acceptable for US government and court sites), and to save them as new versions of existing documents. The NetDocuments Chrome Extension includes the ability to determine which sites are connected to NetDocuments. This new extension replaces the "IPCourtFiling" feature of ndOffice, and requires a supported version of ndOffice (2.2 or later). 

Download Instructions

Download the latest beta version of ndClick 1.1 using the following links: ndClick only ndClick + Chrome Extension

Installation Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you participated in the earlier beta for the Chrome extension, you must follow the uninstall instructions provided in the email sent to beta participants. Failure to properly uninstall the previous version will prohibit the use of the latest beta version.

  • Download the beta software above
  • Ensure Chrome is completely closed (verify all Chrome processes are closed through Task Manager)
  • Run the ndClick 1.1 installation & launch ndClick
  • Start Chrome
  • Approve installation of the new Chrome extension


Reporting an Issue

If you run into any issues during the beta period, please report them immediately by sending an email to

Thank you for your help in improving the NetDocuments products. We appreciate your time and efforts.

The NetDocuments Product Team

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