ndOffice 2.5 Is Available for Beta Testing



ndOffice 2.5 Beta 1 is now available for testing. Users interested in helping us test version 2.5 should send an email to ndOfficebeta@netdocuments.com. Please let us know what version of Office you're using, what version of Windows, and what add-ins for other services you'll be testing with.

ndOffice 2.5 Beta 1 has the following changes:

New Features

Support for Locked Documents

Documents on ND web and in ndOffice can now be “locked”. With locked documents, you cannot edit the document text or metadata, nor can you add versions or edit version information. You can open locked documents as read only, open as a new document, copy link, copy ID, email link, email copy, print, and see profile details. Note: Portions of this feature won’t work until a web refresh introduces the functionality (before ndOffice 2.5 is made Generally Available).


Enhanced Functionality

Change searching sub-folder logic to match NetDocuments on the web

When searching a container, NetDocuments on the web defaults to searching only the current folder, with an option to search sub-folders when there are less than 20 sub-folders. Now ndOffice defaults searching to the current folder and presents sub-folder searching as an option. Sub-folder searching is limited to 20 sub-folders.

Performance Improvements

We’ve made improvements to the performance of recent and favorite workspaces, the speed of the save-as dialog appearing, and starting Outlook.

Respect 'do not copy' flag when saving as new document

If a profile attribute has the option “Do not copy” enabled, the attribute text will not be copied to a new document, unless the user edits the text of the attribute in the process.

Sort full content of the column in the dialogs

Previously, only the visible data in the dialog was sorted. Now the entire container data will be used when sorting, even if it hasn’t been retrieved via the ‘More…’ option.

Allow up to 16 Security templates

ndOffice supports the new web functionality of having up to 16 security templates available.

Improved integration with JAWS

Improved interaction with JAWS accessibility software. Users can now use JAWS to navigate ndOffice dialogs.

Show attach button when forwarding a meeting

The ND attach button is now available when forwarding meetings.

Support printing EML files on 64 bit office

Support for printing EML files was added in ndOffice 2.4 for Office 32-bit. This functionality now works for both 32-bit and 64-bit Office.

Add email related columns to appropriate dialogs

To make searching for emails easier, we’ve added email related columns like Subject, Sent By, and Sent Date to the ND Attach and the Save Attachment to ND dialogs.

Respond to messages from the Activity Center

Using the right click menu, you can now Reply, Reply to All, and Forward messages from the Activity Center.


Issues Resolved

Adding folders where there are many sub-folders can take a long time

We fixed an issue where some users with many sub-folders would encounter degraded performance when trying to add a new folder.

Documents and emails not saving into ND due to conflict

Fixed an issue where documents failed to save to ND and reported that they had been removed from the echo.

PDFs not saving into ND due to conflict

Responded to changes in Adobe Acrobat 2019 which could cause Adobe to close before the PDF had been fully saved, leading to an error that the document was removed from the echo.

PDF documents not checking in after performing local save in Acrobat first

Resolves an issue where saving a PDF locally prevented the document from ever checking back into ND.

'More...' button is shown on Search results where it's not needed

The ‘More…’ button is shown in ndOffice dialogs after 20 items, but in some cases, it would show when there were no more items to retrieve.

Prevent an error message when the Save As dialog is displayed without an internet connection

An error could be displayed if the user tried to save when in offline mode.

Send and File fails when Outlook is closed and there is more than one exchange account

We resolved an issue where if Outlook is closed when there is more than one Exchange account, forwarding an email from ND web with Send and File failed to save the email.

Update the icon for EML files to be the same as MSG files

Now EML files use the same icon in ndOffice as MSG files.

Email saves with a long notes attribute could fail

We fixed an issue where filing an email into ND with a long notes attribute could fail.

Email with many recipients cannot be saved to NetDocuments

Fixed an issue where some emails with many recipients could not be saved in ND.

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