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ndThread Update Notes


24 Sept 2018

  • External users can be given access to ndThread content. If external users are members of the cabinet where direct messages are stored, then internal users can initiate direct messages that include external users. Also, if external users have access to a NetDocuments workspace, they can be invited to the ndThread workspace and given access to and participate in threads. Note that external users must always be invited to workspaces and threads by an internal user; they cannot self-join. External users can also access document annotations.  Internal users are warned when external users have access to content.
    • In those rare cases where a user has access to multiple NetDocuments repositories that has ndThread enable, the user will see a repository selector, to allow them to limit the thread and direct message content to a single repository.  All workspace and user lookups and searches performed will also be limited to the selected repository.
  • Individual workspace threads and direct messages can manually be exported to CSV or PDF.
  • The ability to delete a thread (limited to the thread creator or a C

Desktop App 1.0.23

3 July 2018

  • Add auto start feature to desktop application, so that when the computer is restarted, the application automatically restarts


27 July 2018 

  • In user lookups, users are displayed with their avatar and email addresses.
  • Users can remove their avatar.
  • Links to documents and messages can be copied to the clipboard by clicking a button.
  • Test different words
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


7 July 2018

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Miscellaneous UI improvements
  • Changes

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