NetDocuments Platform Naming/Size Increases



Due to the tremendous growth of the NetDocuments platform over the past several years, our partners and customers are building increasingly sophisticated and powerful integrations using NetDocuments to solve business challenges and improve workflows for their organizations. In evaluating our platform and future needs of our users and partners, NetDocuments has identified several areas to benefit from increasing the current limitations and allowing storage of larger amounts of data.

As a result, NetDocuments is making the following platform changes on July 15, 2019:


Current Limit

Increased Limit

Folder Name

100 characters

1000 characters

Document Name

200 characters

1000 characters

Profile Attribute Description

250 characters

1000 characters

Document Size

1 GB

2 GB


NetDocuments is committed to supporting the ongoing innovation of our partners and customers, and these changes ensure a valuable expansion of the platform’s capabilities. Please ensure that any applications or integrations that would be impacted by these increases are updated before this change.

We appreciate your support of NetDocuments.

Link to Announcement [PDF]

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