ndOffice 2.4 Update - January 2019



What's New in ndOffice 2.4

User Features

Administrative Features

Issues Resolved


User Features

Version Naming

In ndOffice 2.4, you can provide a name for document versions, and view already applied version names. This feature, implemented in the 18.3 web version of NetDocuments, is now functionality available in ndOffice.

When saving a document in ndOffice 2.4, the Version name box appears in the Save As dialog box.


When the Save as new version box is checked, the Version Name and Description boxes are enabled. When the box is unchecked, the boxes related to the new version are hidden.

To view the version name, check the version number of any document.


Also, find the version name from the ndOffice Activity Center on the Edit Profile screen.

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Search Version Names

To search for text contained within a version name, in Advanced Search, check the Search version names checkbox :


Documents that meet the search criteria appear. To view the version names, check the document and the Versions panel appears on the right. Find the versions matching the search criteria identified with a vertical blue bar.


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Default Profile Template

ndOffice 2.4 supports default Profile Templates when adding documents to NetDocuments. A default Profile Template is automatically applied when a document is created or uploaded. This eliminates the need to select a Profile Template with each new document.

When saving a document, selecting a cabinet location will apply the default profile template selected for that cabinet.

Find instructions for setting default Profile Templates here.


  • Workspace attributes (ex: Client and Matter) should not be stored in a default Profile Template, as they cannot be used in any location other than the specified workspace and will generate an error.
  • The attribute values stored in the template take precedence over values stored for a container (ex: folder, filter, etc.).
  • The attribute values stored for the Cabinet (Cabinet Administration > Email Management) take precedence over values stored in the default Profile Template.

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Administrative Features

Top Level Folders

ndOffice 2.4 now honors NetDocuments setting that restricts the ability to create top-level folders.

Background Saving

A new registry key controls background saving in Microsoft Word:

Key:  WordAllowBackgroundSaving
Value: True Allow background saving (default)
Value: False Disable background saving

Note: We recommend only disabling this functionality if Microsoft Word hangs when background saving is enabled.

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Issues Resolved

  • Resolved issue where Multi-Value Profile values could be added twice in some circumstances
  • Resolved issue where the Adobe save dialog took a long time to display a list of files
  • Resolved issue where using the symbol "{" prevented search execution
  • Resolved issue where slashes could cause search failures (note: first fixed in 2.3.1 Hotfix)
  • Resolved issue where a workspace name isn’t updated when key/description are changed
  • Resolved issue where the refresh token was prematurely revoked
  • Resolved issue where the address bar showed a different container than the one selected
  • Resolved issue where an error could appear when the user clicked “Save” in offline mode
  • Resolved issue where the “ND Save” button was grayed when starting from a location other than the inbox
  • Resolved issue where a space before an email name prevented saving in Outlook
  • Resolved issue where “Send and File” failed when using “Send and Copy”
  • Resolved issue where saving many emails at the same time could fail
  • Resolved issue where Mimecast interfered with large file sending in email
  • Resolved issue that could cause Word to display an error on first open
  • Resolved issue where ndOffice could go offline if it was undocked


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