Introducing ndClick




Today NetDocuments announces the public release of ndClick.

ndClick is a desktop application that facilitates the transfer of documents stored in the NetDocuments cloud to and from the local computer. By creating a seamless handoff between web-based documents and local applications, ndClick allows you to easily perform everyday activities like creating, editing, downloading, uploading, and printing documents, as well as sharing documents via email.

Using ndClick means you don’t need to manually download or upload files into NetDocuments. ndClick automatically manages the document check-out and check-in process on the web, downloads the documents, and hands them off so you can use them in your desktop software. ndClick works best when used in conjunction with ndOffice, connecting NetDocuments with  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat.

ndClick was specifically designed for use with modern browsers. It is supported in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox on Windows, and in Safari and Chrome on Mac. ndClick is a replacement for ndOneClick (which was supported in non-ActiveX browsers). 

Get started with ndClick today. Instructions for downloading, installing and using ndClick can be found here.

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