PDF handoff to NdOffice fails with ndOneClick in Chrome




PDF documents do not get handed off to NdOffice. All other office applications check out without any issues with ndOneClick and handing off to Ndoffice. Ensuring using the compatible versions of Adobe: DC and XI


Possible Resolution 1

Deleting the keys for Ndoffice in the Application Storage in Chrome. This needs to be done from vault.netvoyage.com page.

  1. Settings in Chrome (:) More Tools > Developer Tools>  Application (top >>)> Storage (left navigation)> Local Storage >
  2. Highlight and Delete keys: checkedfForNdOffice and checkedForNdOfficeHandoffs
  3. Back in NDwebUI go to Application Settings and DISABLE NdOneClick then click ok
  4. Again back in Application Settings ENABLE ndONeclick and click ok
  5. Exit settings and test again checking out a PDF file

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