ndOffice 2.3 Update - November 2018



What's New in ndOffice 2.3


User Features

Activity Center defaults to Pinned

In ndOffice 2.3, the Activity Center defaults to pinned and closed, which anchors the ndOffice application in the Windows taskbar while closed. Any time the Activity Center is closed with the X in the upper right corner, ndOffice will continue to be displayed on the taskbar.


The default behavior can be controlled through the following registry setting:

String Name: PinActivityCenterOnStartup
Value Data: True or False


Search within Folder or Filter

With the 2.3 release, users can now perform an Advanced Search within a Folder or Filter and the results will be limited to that context. Simply navigate to the desired location and click Advanced Search. The default search scope will be the selected container:


Note: ndOffice includes 20 subfolders into the search results.

To clear the current folder or filter, uncheck the "Search within container" box.


Searching by File Type

ndOffice 2.3 now allows users to limit a search by file type. The File extension option can narrow the search scope to Documents Only, Folders Only, or Saved Searches:



Recent Documents

In ndOffice 2.3, emails are no longer added to the Recent Documents list. This allows users to view more documents in their Recent Documents list. 

The default behavior can be controlled through the following registry setting:

String Name: AddEmailsToRecents
Value Data: True or False


Edit Profile Details from Activity Center

Users can now edit the profile for any document in their Activity Center. To edit the profile, hover over an item in the Activity Center and an Edit Profile icon will appear to the right of the document name:


Click on the Edit Profile icon to open the dialog and edit the document's profile information:



Administrative Features

Large Address Aware (LAA) supported for Outlook 32 bit

ndOffice 2.3 now supports LAA for Outlook 32 bit.


Product Improvements

  • GSuite: Organizations with G-Suite email using Outlook can use ndOffice
    NOTE: This was fixed in a hotfix patch to ndOffice 2.2
  • Opening PDFs: Users can now open PDFs from Versions and Attachments in the Activity Center
  • Outlook Attachments: When replying to or forwarding email messages in Outlook, users can now attach documents from NetDocuments without opening the message in a separate window. 
  • Private Access: Users can now use the private access button in any location, not just Suggested Locations
  • SharePoint Saving: Users can now save documents to SharePoint
    NOTE: This was fixed in a patch to ndOffice 2.2


Resolved Issues

Below is the list of the major issues resolved with the ndOffice 2.3 release:

  • Access Token: Resolved issue where the access token may not be properly revoked after logging out of NetDocuments
  • Adobe Reader: Resolved issue where embedding a PDF in a Word document could crash Adobe Reader
  • Cabinet Name: Resolved issue where long cabinet names on the search dialog and hover tip were improperly truncated
  • Closing Adobe Documents: Resolved issue where user was prompted regarding unsaved changes after saving
  • Closing Unsaved Document: Resolved issue where multiple dialogs appeared when closing an unsaved document with no changes when Track Changes are enabled in Word
  • Consolidated Activity Log: Resolved issue where “Email Copy” and “Email Link” were not recorded to the log when the documents were retrieved from the echo folder
  • Document Stamp: Resolved issue where the Document ID in the document stamp didn’t update in the footer
  • Forwarding Meetings in Outlook: Resolved issue where Outlook could crash when forwarding meetings
  • Go To Workspace: Resolved issue where an error was displayed when a user clicked OK in the Go To Workspace dialog when there was no internet connection
  • Go To Workspace: Resolved issue where a message was not displayed when the Go To Workspace request failed on the server
  • Lookup Dialog: Resolved issue where another dialog was displayed when entering a valid value and pressing return
  • Lookup Dialog: Resolved issue where the profile lookup dialog wasn’t properly displayed
  • Memory Leak: Resolved memory leak when IPCourtFiling dialogs were opened in browsers
  • Multi-Value Profile Fields: Resolved issue where semicolon within a profile field was used as a delimiter
  • No Connection to Exchange Server: Resolved issue where user received multiple warnings that they were not connected to Exchange by retrying multiple times when an error occurs to allow users to continue working
  • oAuth: Resolved an issue with ndOffice’s extensibility not handling the oAuth v2 flow (18.3)
  • Offline Mode: Resolved issue where offline mode could become was non-functional after ndOffice was restarted
  • PowerPoint Saving: Resolved issue where an error was displayed when saving a new PowerPoint while another presentation was opened in protected view
  • Read-Only Documents: Resolved issue where an error was displayed when saving a new version of a read-only document
  • Read-Only Documents: Resolved issue where read-only documents saved locally remained marked as open and checked out
  • Recent Documents: Resolved issue where a disclosure triangle was displayed for Recently Edited, Opened, and Added sections of Recent Documents
  • Recent Documents: Resolved issue where a canceled request for Recent Documents would not be canceled
  • Saving: Resolved issue where extensibility would not save or back up a document when receiving a 500 error
  • Save Dialog: Resolved issue where Save dialog was blank
  • Sending Email with Attachments: Resolved issue where Outlook would take a long time to send an email with attachments that were not stored in NetDocuments
  • Shell Documents in NetDocuments: Resolved issue where an empty "shell" document was created when an Outlook email failed to upload
  • Suggested Location: Resolved issue where an error was displayed when clicking on a “Suggested Location” that no longer existed
  • Track Changes in PDF: Resolved issue where markup was discarded when converting a Word document with tracked changes to PDF
  • Uploading Emails: Resolved issue where an email remained checked out if the user logged out before the email was uploaded
  • Workshare Error: Resolved issue where an error was displayed when both documents to be compared were already opened


Download Links

Download ndOffice for Microsoft Windows

https://apps.netdocuments.com/apps/ndOffice/ndOfficeSetup.msi (msi version)

https://apps.netdocuments.com/apps/ndOffice/ndOfficeSetup.exe (bootstrapper)

https://apps.netdocuments.com/apps/ndOffice/ndOfficeSetup- (.exe and .msi - zip file containing both distributions)

Note: Ensure you have the most up-to-date version of ndOffice available. 

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