ndMail 1.2 Release


What's New in ndMail 1.2 

Client-side Features

Providing Access to Participants

With the ndMail 1.2 release, you have an additional access option.

A new Participants option appears, next to Me and Default options.


All three options are available by default, and you can select different combinations. By selecting Participants, you allow the internal sender and internal recipients of the email to access the filed item in NetDocuments. 

Hover over Participants or Me, and the Only button appears.


To clear other check boxes, select Only. Note that your administrator may disable the Me only filing option.

When you get an email with Confidential, Private or Personal sensitivity level, default access is Participants. For Normal sensitivity level, access is Default.

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Using Outlook Panels

With the ndMail 1.2 release, NetDocuments panels with navigation tree, documents list, and preview appear in Outlook. 

Note: Your administrator must enable the panels in the corresponding registry setting.

You can collapse and expand the Navigation Tree panel. Also, you can resize it, as well as other panels. 


Select any folder to view the Documents List.


To add a new folder, select the folder.png icon. 

To go to Workspace, select the go.png icon.

Above these icons, you can search documents within a chosen folder or cabinet.   

Select the iconnn.png icon and choose the criteria for your search.

You can search documents by:

  • Document Name
  • Document ID
  • Created By
  • Modified By
  • Everything

Additionally, you can select the Advanced Search option.

In the Documents List, you can right-click the name of the document, and then select one of the following options:

  • Open
  • Open as read-only 
  • Open as a new document 
  • Open as a new version 
  • Rename
  • Print
  • Copy link
  • Copy ID
  • Email link 
  • Email copy
  • Profile details
  • Open a version
  • Versions and attachments 


To switch back from Folder View to your emails list, select the arrow.png icon at the top of the panel.

To preview a document, select it in the Documents List of the Outlook panel.

To open a document, select the document name. Here you can also view a document version number and document ID on a document Reading Pane


To switch back from the Reading Pane to your email, select the arrow.png icon at the top of the panel.

In case you disable ndMail add-in for your Outlook, the panels are still available. 

Viewing Cabinets as Tabs

With 1.2 release, multiple cabinets now appear in separate tabs instead of a single drop-down menu. By default, next to the cabinet tab, a Plus button appears. 


After you click a Plus button, select the needed cabinet from the drop-down list and it appears as a new tab.

To close a cabinet tab, right-click the needed cabinet, and then select Close.

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Enhancing the Quick Search 

Now, search appears as an icon that expands after selecting. Note that the number of clicks remains the same as before because the cursor automatically pops into the search field when you open it. 

Your Favorite and Recent workspaces appear immediately when you open the search field in a workspace-based cabinet.

Your recently used locations appear in a separate section below the search results.

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Using Refresh and Browse Options

With 1.2 release, the Refresh icon appears in the upper-right corner instead of the lower left. Select it to manually refresh predictions for the current cabinet. Keep in mind that predictions refresh automatically as needed in most cases for you. 

Next to the Refresh icon, a Browse icon appears. Select it to browse for a needed location. This option is the same as the Browse button in previous versions. 

Checking for Updates

With ndMail 1.2, a Check for updates option is available in ndMail Settings.

View information about your current version and select Check for updates for a new ndMail version as soon as it becomes available. If no new version is available, the corresponding message appears. In case there is a new version, you receive a prompt for installation. Note that your administrator has a right to control version updates. Then, you receive a corresponding notification.

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Using File & Move Button

With the ndMail 1.2 release, the File & Move button is available if you selected a folder for filing messages in ndMail settings. File is now a drop-down option.

The File button only appears if you did not set a folder for messages.

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Fixed Issues

NetDocuments understands how any bug or issue can hinder your daily activities, which is why we are trying to continuously keep pace with the new technologies and introduce necessary enhancements to ensure our product is more reliable and intuitive. Below is the list of the major issues fixed with ndMail 1.2 release.

  • Fixed an issue where toRecipients and ccRecipients properties did not contain all correctly written recipients addresses.
  • Fixed an issue where a message about saving changes appeared if you did not make any changes on meeting response.
  • When closing a new Outlook item without any changes, a pop-up message about saving changes no longer appears. 
  • Fixed a problem where a cabinet was not selected automatically on the Browse dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where GFI did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where relevancy ranking appeared incorrectly for multiple items selection.
  • Fixed a UI issue of the quick search functionality on the panel.
  • Fixed an issue where a meeting could not be saved with prompting to file turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where a prompt to file function highlighted ndMail panel when you declined a meeting from the calendar view.
  • If you check a location and navigate to another cabinet, previously selected location now remains checked.
  • Fixed an incorrect tab that became active on the ndMail panel after closing the first active cabinet tab.
  • Enabled a possibility to change access or rename already filed item.
  • Removed pop-up messages about saving changes when closing Outlook after one-click filing.
  • Prevented showing incorrect predicted locations for the selected Outlook item.
  • Fixed filing issue.
  • When header fields (To/From/Cc/Subject) are empty, draft message is not lost.
  • When you navigate to Drafts or Sent Items folder, Outlook does not crash or restart.
  • No error message appears on predictions panel when you navigate to Inbox folder from Outbox (sending in progress).

Server-side Features

Mapping Email Groups  

In some cases, the email recipients are groups, not individual users. The group name in the email To or Cc fields map to existing groups in NetDocuments using name matching. If the group name in Exchange matches the group in NetDocuments, it adds that NetDocuments group to the access list. ndMail skips the participants and addresses that are not internal members of your NetDocuments repository. 

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Administration Enhancements

  • Control filing locations for users via NetDocuments.
Go to Admin option, select the needed cabinet, and then go to Email Management section. Now a new subsection ndMail Search Results Container Types appears. The WorkspacesFilters, and Folders check boxes define filing locations. For example, if you clear the Filters check box, filters do not appear in predictions for a user or in quick search results. Note that workspaces remain visible to users even if you disable filing to workspaces.
  • On the ndMail Configuration page, configure several Exchange connections for a single repository.

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Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where filing to multiple locations failed.
  • Fixed an issue where meeting items saved with access level Me appeared with Default access of filing location.
  • Access rights are now inherited from a folder or workspace, not from a cabinet. 

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Folder Mapping Features

Deleting Emails after Uploading

With ndMail 1.2, a new check box now appears.


Select the check box, and ndMail deletes your emails from the mapped folder after successful upload to NetDocuments. If you clear the check box, your emails remain in the mapped folder after upload.   

Delegating Account Folder Mapping

By default, ndMail Folder Mapping does not allow to map a folder from a delegate account. You can only map folders from your own mailbox. 


New Registry Information in ndMail 1.2

Registry Path:




The following String values (Type: REG_SZ) are new to ndMail 1.2:




  • True (default): Allow all access options & combinations.
  • False: Prevent users from filing with Me only access selected.

ExcludedPromptingTypes and ExcludedFilingTypes

  • Disable prompting or filing, respectively, for specified Outlook items in Predictive Filing.
    NOTE: Separate multiple values by semicolons (;).
  • For possible values, see Item Types & Message Classes.


Note: This feature requires ndOffice 2.3

  • True: Enable the Outlook Panels feature.
  • False (default): Disable Outlook Panels.


Note: Toast notifications for failed filing appear always.

  • True (default): Show all toast notifications, including successful filings ones.
  • False: Hide toast notifications for successful filings.


  • True (default): Allow users to select the Check for Updates option.
  • False: Prevent users from checking for updates. 


New Folder Mapping Registry Entries

Registry Path:

‘Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetDocuments\ndMail\Folder Mapping’


‘Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NetDocuments\ndMail\Folder Mapping’ 

The following String values (Type: REG_SZ) are new to Folder Mapping in ndMail 1.2:




  • Disable filing for specified Outlook items in Predictive Filing.
    NOTE: Separate multiple values by semicolons (;).
  • For possible values, see Item Types & Message Classes.


  • Values: 1 or 2 (default)
  • 1: Use the same upload process as ndOffice (direct upload); this is the method used in ndMail 1.0 and 1.1 Folder Mapping.
  • 2 (default): Use the same Exchange-based filing process as predictive filing and allow the same Access options, including the Participants option.