ndMail - How to Subscribe and get Updates?



NetDocuments releases periodic performance enhancement patches to improve our products continually.

How do you receive ndMail Updates or Patches?

If you are an ndMail subscriber, get the latest product download and documentation from:

What if you are not an ndMail Subscriber? 

ndMail is an add-in product that you need to subscribe to separately. For more information about ndMail, please contact your Sales representative or go to ndMail - Smart and Simple Filing within Outlook.

ndMail Summary Enhancements and Updates

Below is a summary of updates and patches for the ndMail product.

Version Number Release Date Notes
1.2  9 Nov 2018

The ndMail 1.2 release adds enhanced functionality.
View ndMail 1.2 Release for more information.

1.1.1 23 Aug 2018

This enhancement patch provides significant speed and performance improvements, including:

  • reducing CPU usage on initial start-up and preventing CPU usage from continually increasing over time;
  • pausing prediction requests when the ndMail panel is collapsed; and
  • reducing instances of Outlook lagging or freezing and Outlook sections turning white/blank (rare instances might still occur or be caused by other add-ins).
1.1 05 Jul 2018

NetDocuments is enhancing your working experience with ndMail 1.1 release, which is available on July 5th, 2018. For more information, ndMail 1.1 Release.  26 Mar 2018
  •  Initial Release 

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