ndSync for Mac Beta Announcement



ndSync for Mac, the client-side software that enables you to sync NetDocuments documents, workspaces, filters or folders on your desktop is going in to beta for version 2.2, and we’re looking for people willing to help beta test the software.

Here’s what’s new, so far, in ndSync for Mac v.2.2

  • Performance has been enhanced. Documents are now uploaded and downloaded using multiple threads.
  • If a synced container has the maximum number of documents that can be synced (5,000), then a synced overlay icon with an exclamation point is shown on the container.
  • Empty (aka, zero-byte) documents that are created locally will not be synced to the server.
  • New ndSync log files will be removed after 7 days.

Read more about ndSync here (and about the original ndSync for Mac client here)

To participate in beta, just send an email to ndSyncBeta@netdocuments.com. We’ll send you a link to the software and some instructions to get you started.

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