ndMail Folder Mapping Registry Keys



Registry location: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetDocuments\ndMail\Folder Mapping


Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NetDocuments\ndMail\Folder Mapping

Note: Settings on administration level prevail over user level settings.

Registry Names

Value: Meaning


True: Add Category “Filed to ND” to emails while filing to NetDocuments.

False: Does not add a category to emails while filing to NetDocuments.


True: Emails will be added to the recent items in the NetDocuments.

False: Emails will NOT be added to the recent items in the NetDocuments


String to check folder/workspace etc when mapping Outlook folder to NetDocuments folders


Enables mapping folders in a delegated or shared mailbox.

True: Map a folder in a mailbox owned by another user if you have the appropriate delegate/shared access to it.

False: Map a folder in your own mailbox only.


True: Enable logging.

False: Disable logging.


Disable filing for specified Outlook items in Predictive Filing.
NOTE: Separate multiple values by semicolons (;).

For possible values, see Item Types & Message Classes.


String value. You can add your own custom tag to the end of names of folders that are linked to NetDocuments.


True: Add/Removes (nd) customized tag to end of names of folders linked/unlinked to NetDocuments.

False: Does not add/removes (nd) customized tag to the end of names of folders linked/unlinked to NetDocuments.


Number: <Software Major Version number>.0 e.g. 1.0


Values: 1 or 2 (default)

1: Use the same upload process as ndOffice (direct upload); this is the method used by Folder Mapping versions which shipped with ndMail 1.0 and 1.1. Messages are filed directly from Outlook and are stored as msg files. 

2 (default): Use the same Exchange-based filing process as predictive filing and allow the same Access options, including the Participants option. Messages are filed from Exchange and are stored as .eml files. 

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