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ndThread Update Notes

Desktop App 1.0.32

30 Nov 2018

Added support for a new registry key (Windows) and plist key (Mac) that will stop the desktop application from checking for updates and therefore the user will not be notified.  The key is called "CheckForUpdates". 

This key will not be added by the application but instead must be added manually by a user or through automation.  On Windows this registry setting (a DWORD) must be added at:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\NetDocuments\ndThread. On the Mac, this setting must be added to the /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/ com.netdocuments.ndthread.plist file. An value of 0 will suppress notifications and a value of 1 will display them.  If there is no such key, notifications will be enabled.  

If the key is configured not to check for updates, the user may still click on "Check for Updates" and it will show the user the currently installed version of the application and the most recent version (if different), to allow the user to determine that an update is available.


16 Nov 2018

  • Various changes to the messages that appear when a user joins or leaves a thread.  The content of those messages has been changed to be more informative.  Those messages cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Clicking on a document comment inside the document will scroll to that comment in the right pane.
  • When looking up users to create a direct message, invite users to a workspace or invite users to a thread, the up and down arrows can be used to scroll through the matches and the "Enter" key used to select a user.
  • Threads that have been shared externally will include the "ExtMan" icon in the list of threads.
  • Viewing the first-time user tour will now be tracked by user, not by ndThread device. 
  • Improved performance
  • Numerous tweaks and bug fixes that are not listed above


19 Oct 2018

  • An optional THREADS tab can be enabled for workspaces in the main NetDocuments web interface, where the threads for a particular workspace can be accessed without going to the stand-alone ndThread interface.  Contact Support about enabling the settings to make that possible.
  • The repository selector has been enhanced to indicate to the user when they have unread messages in other repositories (besides the currently selected repository).
  • Hover text has been added to thread message and document actions.
  • The search and search results now appear in a popup dialog.
  • Emails sent by ndThread use consistent headers so they can be “rolled up” in email clients that support this feature.
  • There are also numerous tweaks, bug fixes and performance enhancements that are not listed above.


24 Sept 2018

  • External users can be given access to ndThread content. If external users are members of the cabinet where direct messages are stored, then internal users can initiate direct messages that include external users. Also, if external users have access to a NetDocuments workspace, they can be invited to the ndThread workspace and given access to and participate in threads. Note that external users must always be invited to workspaces and threads by an internal user; they cannot self-join. External users can also access document annotations.  Internal users are warned when external users have access to content.
    • In those rare cases where a user has access to multiple NetDocuments repositories that has ndThread enable, the user will see a repository selector, to allow them to limit the thread and direct message content to a single repository.  All workspace and user lookups and searches performed will also be limited to the selected repository.
  • Individual workspace threads and direct messages can manually be exported to CSV or PDF.
  • The ability to delete a thread (limited to the thread creator or a Cabinet Administrator). The Team thread cannot be deleted.
  • The ability to rename a thread (limited to the thread creator or a Cabinet Administrator). The Team thread cannot be renamed.
  • When the user does not have an internet connection, access to ndThread is blocked ensure that there is no loss of data. The user is informed that they do not have an internet connection.
  • Notification preferences have been updated to provide an option for email notifications not to be suppressed when the related message has been accessed.
  • The business rules for when notifications are suppressed, based on the ndThread application being opened, have been softened, so that notifications are less likely to be suppressed.
  • The message shown when a document is added or referenced in a thread has been updated.
  • In the list of direct messages, where we show the last message, the list indicates whether the last message came from you or another user.

Desktop App 1.0.23

3 July 2018

  • Add auto start feature to desktop application, so that when the computer is restarted, the application automatically restarts


27 June 2018 

  • In user lookups, users are displayed with their avatar and email addresses.

  • Users can remove their avatar.

  • Links to documents and messages can be copied to the clipboard by clicking a button.

  • Added indicator in document preview if the user is viewing an unofficial version.

  • If a version is locked, show a lock icon next to the document in the Documents page, in a document reference in a thread, and in the document preview.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


7 June 2018

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

  • Miscellaneous UI improvements



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