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NetDocuments is a modern cloud-based document, email, and conversation management technology.

NetDocuments helps enterprise businesses reduce costs and increase productivity, enjoy built-in disaster recovery, and have any-time access that scales to small and large organizations. 

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The NetDocuments secure platform:

  • Protects against security breaches and ransomware demands. NetDocuments protects your content with defense industry grade cryptography. NetDocuments encrypts documents or emails with up to four cipher keys, unlike typical practices that encrypt groups of files only at rest.
  • Requires No Hardware to Maintain, No Software Updates to Manage. Bottom line…. Saves time and money.
  • Automatically Organizes Client Email. The obligation to organize client communication is time-consuming, yet critical. Our Microsoft Outlook and Gmail filing products can save hours by automatically suggesting where to file client communications.
  • Frees up day-time hours and spend less time with administrative functions. Email takes time to organize while knowledge is lost in your inbox. Our communication platform, ndThread, organizes content at the pace of business. Our “threads” provide a simple, organized alternative to email.
  • Is Simple to deploy, Simple to use, Easy to support. We consistently report customer adoption levels at 95% because the application is available in your browser, within Microsoft Office, or on Android/iOS platforms. We work hard to enable your teams to work as one.
  • True mobility. Mobility is the freedom to choose when and where you work. Use your phone, tablet, or computer to access, update, or share your documents. Our platform is ready to work wherever you are working at your office, home, customers, or on the go.
  • Secure Work Product Sharing. An essential feature for Enterprise Business is sharing confidential files from office location to office location. 

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