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ndOffice 2.2 and Document Check-In Process


The ndOffice 2.2 release introduces new functionality working with primary cabinets and multi-value profiling. Also, it enhances many user experiences, such as in situations where documents get left checked out and improvements to an assortment of performance issues.


ndOffice 2.2 incorporates enhanced check-in protections that were lacking in previous versions of ndOffice. When ndOffice 2.2 is installed, and regularly thereafter, it will find any documents in the echo folder that ndOffice does not believe were previously checked in and begins the process to get those documents checked in.


For most users, this should be either no documents or a small number of documents. For some users, this may be more documents. For each of these saves/check-ins, a notification will appear. If ndOffice is unsure if the document in question is still being edited, due to the fact that, for example, it is a docx document and Word is open, a dialog is displayed. To prevent the dialog, make sure that when ndOffice 2.2 is first opened, that MS Office (and the default PDF application) are closed.


Additional details:

  1. If the document has been unedited for 30 days, we will check it in regardless.
  2. If the document has been unedited for more than 24 hours, less than 30 days, and the default app is open, we display a dialog box.
  3. If the document has been unedited for more than 24 hours and the default app is not open, we will automatically check in the document.
  4. If the version online has been edited since the local version was downloaded, we save as an unofficial version."


Support and Feedback

Please contact us with comments, questions, suggestions, and report issues.


Contact us at support@netdocuments.com or via phone:

·         US customers, call 801-226-6882 or 866-NETDOCS (638-3627).

·         EU customers, call +44(0) 2034.556770.

·         AU customers, call +61 2 8310 4319.


When reporting an issue, please provide as much information as possible including:

·         A fully-detailed description of the issue, including exact error messages or screenshots. 

·         Detailed steps to reproduce the issue.

·         Error logs (if any).


We thank you for all of your input and feedback, and we appreciate you using NetDocuments and associated product features. We value you as a customer. 

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