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ndOffice has a COM API for applications that support COM communication to interact with ndOffice. COM API is an object-oriented ndOffice API intended to cooperate between ndOffice and third-party integrations written in different programming languages. You can use it with .Net, VBA, C++, or any other language, which supports COM technology.

Use the ndOffice Extensibility COM API for:

  • Adding ndOffice Open, Save, or other features to your application
  • Implementing custom document workflow scenarios with standard ndOffice dialog boxes
  • Obtaining information about documents from NetDocuments

There are the following interfaces:

  • IAuthorizationContext
  • IContainersDialog
  • IDocumentOpenDialog
  • IDocumentSaveDialog
  • IEditProfileDialog
  • IExtensibilityInformation
  • IExtensibilityService

The ndOffice Extensibility COM API works the same way as a Client API in the COM components form. However, do not confuse it with the Client API, because it has neRemoteDoc ActiveX control. The NetDocuments Client API is installed along with ndOffice, and implements other interfaces. In contrast to the Client API that provides one COM object (ND.ActiveDoc), Extensibility COM API provides several objects containing methods related to different functionality.

Tip: For more information about the ndOffice Extensibility API for Windows, refer to the ndOffice Extensibility documentation.

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